Bro. Greg Smith started his ministry here at First Baptist Church on January 1, 2008. He believes the pastor of a local church should first walk closely with God himself. He practices daily personal devotion and prayer in order to get his marching orders from the Lord. He believes a pastor should care for his family and demonstrate that care through loving his wife and guiding his children. He believes the pastor should preach the Bible as the inerrant Word of God that leads people to Jesus and guides the lives of believers. He believes that the pastor is to be a servant who leads through serving. He believes that Jesus gave the Great Commission to the church and that the pastor should lead the church to obey it. He believes that the answer to every question of life is "Jesus" and that the church is the only hope the world has today to find that answer. He believes that God has placed a calling on his life to pastor the local church and he has set the course of his life to follow that calling wherever it may lead.

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